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Chinese men’s basketball team vs Iran 12 people list: Zhou Qi is missing in Hu Mingxuan

Chinese men's basketball team vs Iran 12 people list: Zhou Qi is missing in Hu Mingxuan-1

On November 10th, Beijing time, the Chinese Basketball Team announced tonight the 12 -player list of the Chinese men’s basketball team against the Iranian team tonight. Hu Mingxuan was absent due to injuries.

List of 12 people in the Chinese men’s basketball team:

Zhou Qi, Shen Zijie (Shenzhen New Century), Wang Zhelin (Shanghai Jiuwa)

Zhu Junlong (Guangsha, Zhejiang), Gu Quan (Shenzhen New Century), Zhou Peng (Shenzhen New Century), Ren Junfei (Guangdong Hongyuan)

Jiang Weize (Northeast Tiger in Jilin), Zhao Rui (Guangdong Hongyuan), Wu Qian (Zhejiang Chouzhou), Wang Yibo (Zhejiang Chouzhou), Xu Jie (Guangdong Hongyuan)

According to the Chinese Basketball Team, the coaching team finally determined the list of the 12 -player congress in this game for the technical and tactical characteristics of the Iranian team and the current physical condition of the player.Hu Mingxuan accidentally wounded his waist during the strength training yesterday morning and would be absent from the game.

At present, Zhou Qi’s training content is mainly rehabilitation. For his use, the coaching team will take his health as the first consideration factor.The national team also thanked Zhou Qi to fly from Australia to Tehran to fight side by side with the team.

Chinese men's basketball team vs Iran 12 people list: Zhou Qi is missing in Hu Mingxuan-2

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  1. Why no one was sprayed with coaches at that time, who was the coach

  2. Basketball or could participate in the World Cup

  3. was a pit stone

  4. I do n’t believe it, Iran and Barin players are very hard

  5. Reply
    Yangtongtai,northernJiangsu 11月 12, 2022 at 3:01 上午

    Do you believe in strain? Anyway, I do n’t believe it

  6. The event that lost to Taiwan in China, if it was n’t for Guo Ailun to squeeze Liu Wei, would the national team fight like that?

  7. With the heart of Liao fans, the belly of the Eighth King

  8. People just do n’t change, they are so confident

  9. Du Feng is just a relative, the Guangdong team occupies half of the mountains and mountains …

  10. How does this talk about? Can the head coach still desperate?

  11. Hu Yiming escaped from the battlefield

  12. Since the Liaoning team has become a strong team, the Chinese national team has weakened [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

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