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China Go Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Luzhou Laojiao Group

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Following the five years after the success of the China Go Association and Guizhou Moutai Sauce Group, in December 2022, the Chinese Go Association also established a strategic cooperative relationship with the famous domestic wine company in the country with the world’s top famous national wine companies.

On December 28, Lin Jianchao, chairman of the Chinese Go Association, and Liu Miao, chairman of Luzhou Laojiao Group, represented the Association and Laojiao, respectively, signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking the official kick -off of cooperation between the two parties.Deputy Secretary of the Luzhou Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Yu Xianhe, Deputy Mayor Ge Hongliang, Executive Deputy General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. Wang Hongbo, Chairman of Sichuan Go Association Xiong Fangjun, and President of the Luzhou Go Association Ai Ruchun.Historical moment.

Prior to this, on November 15th, he was invited by Luzhou Laojiao Group and the Luzhou Go Association, and Chairman Lin Jianchao of the Chinese Go Association was invited to visit Luzhou Laojiao Group.I watched 1573 Guobaojiao Pond, Luzhou Laojiao Museum, Huangye Intelligent Brewery Ecological Park, Qiankun Wine Castle and Luzhou Laojiao Party Construction Museum. After that, the two sides held exchanges.

At the meeting, Chairman Lin Jianchao fully affirmed the achievements of Luzhou Laojiao in all aspects of corporate development and brand building, and gave a high evaluation of Laojiao Group’s love of Chinese excellent traditional culture and strong support for the development of the Go industry.

Chairman Lin Jianchao and others also visited the Luzhou mung bean Daqu Health Wine Co., Ltd., and highly affirmed the development model advocated by the mung bean Daqu.

The Chinese Go Association signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Luzhou Laojiao Group, and the two parties cooperated on the following points:

1. In the process of promoting the development of key projects in the development of wine travel, Luzhou Laojiao studies the representative elements of Go culture and think about creating new Go activities.

2. Discuss Luzhou Laojiao sponsoring the Chinese Go Association to carry out worldwide Go contests and promote the development of Go Club.

3. Consultation Luzhou Laojiao gives support in the development of the Chinese Go Association, and promotes Chinese Go culture to go abroad and the world.

Fourth, the Chinese Go Association and Luzhou Laojiao jointly discuss the creation of customized wine products for exclusive Go enthusiasts.

Go culture and liquor culture are an important part of the excellent traditional culture of China. They have deep cultural heritage and social influence. The cooperation between the two sides will promote the further integration of Go culture and liquor culture.

It is understood that since the physical reform of the Chinese Go Association, it has worked closely with many governments, well -known enterprises, schools, and social groups in many places to fully tap and use various social resources for the development of the Go business., International, national occupation and amateur Go brand events.Under the new situation of the national epidemic prevention and control, it will become an important driving force for the sustainable and effective development of the Go industry.

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