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Congratulatory letter

China National Go team:

In the just -concluded 27th LG Cup World Go Kings Battle, Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao of the national Go team were not afraid of strong players, worked hard, stubbornly worked hard, and effectively transformed the usual hardships into results. The winning victory broke the myth of Shen Zhenzhen, the first person in Korean Go, and won the championship and runner -up of the World Championship. , Add new honors to the National Go team, here are warm congratulations!

For a period of time, some fluctuations in Chinese Go’s competition have received widespread attention from society. With the care, support, and encouragement of enthusiasts, the National Go team implemented the reform spirit of the State Administration, proved the truth of adhering to the original intention and perseverance, and showing the truth of the excellent top members. The ability has inherited the fine tradition of the national Go team’s pursuit of advanced and climbing peaks in the past 60 years. In the next paragraph, the Chinese Go Association will host the top world Go competitions such as the Luzhou Rhake Cup and Dream Lily Cup to contribute more Chinese power and Chinese voices to the development of world Go.

Chinese Go Association

November 16, 2022

Within a month, the two -day Samsung Cup is lost and not discouraged. LG Cup big counterattack

On November 16th, the 27th Korean Daily LG Cup World Go Play King’s semi -finals ended. champion.

“Ding Ye” is still restrained

Yesterday, Ding Hao was defeated by Jiang Dongrun, a Korean player, and one of the descendants of the Chinese 00s was exciting for the first time in the World Contest Finals. And Cui Jing, who lost to South Korea at the Samsung Cup at the beginning of the month at the beginning of the month, not only lost to the female chess player for the first time, but also made the Chinese chess players enter the semi -finals. The mood and pressure can be imagined. Today, it is against Zhenzhen, and I do n’t know that there is a feeling of “the wind is small and the water is cold”.

Calm in the eyes

Guess Yang Dingxin holds white chess. The layout of the two parties does not suffer. This is also the rare “application of art intelligence” in the near future that has not opened the gap in the order. The Black 73 seems to be the watershed of the bureau. Although the winning rate has not dropped too much, there are more on the ground that the white side has determined, which is better for humans. In particular, this step shows that the black side has lost on the momentum! Perhaps Shen Zhenxuan believes that the current Chinese players will always catch the opponent’s mistakes as long as they stabilize the situation. However, today Yang Dingxin did not make any mistakes in the first final of the final final. Although the advantage is not as big as that game, the backup play is better, and gradually transforms the “feeling advantage” into “realistic advantages”, and then converts the advantages into a victory!

Xiao Shen felt different this time

Some professional chess players comment, this is a very high level of chess recently! Although Yang Dingxin did not win as much as Ding Hao yesterday, considering the strength and record of the opponent, it is also a perfect play!

At the beginning of the Samsung Cup at the beginning of the month, the Chinese chess player suddenly felt collectively downs. In the same event, the semi -finals had just been in the past three years, and the opponents were recovered. The Samsung Cup’s six consecutive championships were no longer, and they could only watch the opponent’s three consecutive championships. In a strong pessimistic mood, the four will play in the LG Cup. The first day of the game is both ink, and it seems to be going deeper. The Zhiye Tiger Wan of “Feng Sheng, a wing of the old world champion that has just eliminated Ke Jie, can not help but worry about the strange wind of this round of mutations that will bring lower temperature … In the end, Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao both won two consecutive wins. In the final, if this result is placed before the epidemic, it may only add the icing on the icing on the Chinese Go, which will not cause too much shock. In this early winter full of anxiety, it is a surprise!

Samsung Cup has the semi -finals and LG cups to win the championship in advance. Which is a small probability accident? Which is the real strength and state? One chess, a game of chess, and a period of time, the peak and the trough alternately are the norm of competitive sports, and it is also the charm of competitive sports. Every time you lose, every victory needs to be treated calmly and carefully. It is commendable that our chess players reflect the professional quality and have not been affected by the momentary victory and defeat and external interference, showing a high level under pressure. Now, we like Yang Dingxin and Ding Hao’s excellent performance and cheers!

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