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China Football North and South Double Training Base play an important guarantee role

Xinhua News Agency, Dalian, January 10 (Reporter Cai Yongjun, Zhang Boqun) China Football (North) Training Base was unveiled on Dalian Football Youth Training Base on the 10th. Previously, the base had hosted more than 200 Chinese football men and women’s professional events; and in Haikou, HaikouThe Chinese football (southern) training base is fully guaranteed to ensure the first training work of the Chinese women’s football team in 2023.The Chinese football north -south dual training base has played an important guarantee role, which can meet the needs of different seasons and training needs of national teams at all levels.

He Xi, deputy secretary -general of the China Football Association, introduced that in the past three years, the Chinese football (northern) training base has successfully hosted more than 200 Chinese football men and women’s professional events, successfully completed many young people including the National Football Development LeagueThe task of football games has guaranteed the development of professional -grade coaches and elite youth training courses, various amateur and social football activities of the Chinese Football Association.

He Xi said that before the southern base was awarded, in the past two years, the Chinese national men’s and women’s football teams, the national men’s and women’s football teams at all levels, and professional teams at home and abroad had a total of 32 teams for preparation training.At present, the Southern Base is fully ensuring the first training of the Chinese women’s football team in 2023, helping the team to prepare for the 2023 Women’s Football World Cup, Hangzhou Asian Games and the Paris Olympic Games Qualifications.In terms of event guarantee, the Southern Base completed the work tasks of 37 Super League and 50 female Super League in 2022, and undertook a number of amateur events and social football activities such as the National Finals of the Chinese Workers’ League.

China Football (North) Training Base contains Dalian Youth Football Training Base and Dalian Football Youth Training Base. It has nearly 50 game training venues and is equipped with accommodation, catering, fitness, rehabilitation, teaching, conference and other supporting facilities.It meets the needs of nearly 1,500 people throughout the year, all seasons, day and night training competitions.China Football (South) Training Base currently has 30 football training grounds, athlete hotels that can accommodate 861 people, players restaurants that can accommodate 650 people, physical training centers, medical rehabilitation centers, indoor swimming pools, comprehensive office buildings, large locker clothesAreas and related auxiliary supporting facilities, ecological garden landscapes, etc.

This is a planning plan for the later stage of the youth football training base in Dalian.

He Xi said that the next step of the work class of the China Football Association will continue to focus on the four national training bases (the national football team training base, the Chinese football training base, the sports medical rehabilitation center, and the international football exchange center) Domestic football resources, comprehensively improve the operation level of the base, provide comprehensive guarantees for training, scientific research, competitions, and exchanges between men’s and women’s football and professional clubs and youth teams. Medical staff provides high -standard services to provide strong support for my country’s football competition level, professional talent training, and professional football development.

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