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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery on the 25th: The United States will not lose a big score

World Cup England VS United States

Competition time: 2022-11-26 03:00

Stadium: Gulf Stadium

In recent years, English talents have emerged endlessly. Under the leadership of Sosgate, the team has been promoted to the semifinals at least four consecutive international competitions, performing well. In this World Cup, England’s grouping is good. Getting the first group is the team’s lowest goal. Facing the Iranian game in the first round, England’s firepower was full, and the youth storm was staged again. Pity.

The U.S. men’s football team is only 24 years old. It is the youngest team. The head coach Bell Hart is relatively famous. In this group, the United States is likely to compete for the second place with Wales. Facing Wales in the first round, the United States took the initiative in the first half of the United States, but only won a goal. In the second half, the defensive end was slightly strenuous. Bell won the penalty kick and finally harvested the draw of 1 to 1. In the face of England, the United States strives to get a point.

The two teams have been confronted for the last time, England 3-0. England naturally occupies an advantage in strength. After the United States has experienced the first round of baptism, young players are gradually adapting to the rhythm of the World Cup. Facing the Three Lions, the tactics will be very pragmatic. Optimistic that the United States will not lose a big score.

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