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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 25th Recommended on the 25th: optimistic about the Dutch victory

World Cup Dutch VS Ecuador

Competition time: 2022-11-26 00:00

Stadium: Harry Fa International Stadium

The Netherlands has completed the new and old alternation. Under the leadership of the old coach Van Gar, the team’s play is very pragmatic. The European Union’s forces were shortlisted for Belgium’s finals. The World Cup target was at least advanced to the top eight. Facing Senegal in the first round, the pace of the Dutch game was slightly slow, and the three -back performance was more average. In particular, Derricht played poorly, but the team scored two goals in the last ten minutes with its strong heritage and scored and scored. The victory of 2-0, the outlook for the outline is bright.

As a South American Brigade, Ecuador has won at least one victory over the World Cup. In this World Cup, the team has a lot of talents, Kaiser, and because of Cabeye, Valencia and other powerful players. Facing the host of the host, Ecuador’s performance was almost perfect. With the two goals of Valencia, he won 2-0, and it also shattered the external selling remarks. In the face of the Netherlands, Ecuador did not have much burden.

There is still a certain gap between the hard power of the two teams. The Dutch schedule is good. Only the last round will face the host. As long as the team plays the first two rounds, the team will basically determine the ranking of the team first. Optimistic about the victory of the Netherlands.

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