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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 24th Recommended on the 24th: Portugal’s first battle was successful

World Cup Portuguese VS Ghana

Competition time: 2022-11-24 23:59:00


As one of the world’s strong strong, Portugal has entered the World Cup 7 times and won the fourth place. He also won the European Cup championship and has good experience.成绩,最多也就16强,也就是说在C罗的带领下,葡萄牙在世界杯舞台上的最好成绩只是16强,而当年的4强是以菲戈和科斯塔为绝对核心,加上本In the case of a large -scale decline in Cristiano Ronaldo during the season, how to solve the problem of Ronaldo is the key to the team’s victory. From the latest news, Cristiano Ronaldo may be reduced to a substitute like when he was in Manchester United. This Portugal will be fully ruled by the B fee and B Silva. Considering that the last warm-up game, Portugal was easily won Nigeria 4-0 under the leadership of two Silva. Mei opened a good drama for the second time. It can be seen that even if Ronaldo could not play, today’s Portuguese front line is also a talent, with enough strength to grab points.


Although Ghana currently ranks only 61 in the world, it is very good during the preliminaries of the World Championships. It can pressure South Africa and Nigeria’s two major enemies, and it can also maintain a win rate of more than 50 %. In terms of lineup, most of the main force of the Ghana team comes from the five major leagues, of which 5 of them come from the Premier League, including the Crystal Palace’s Ayou, Arsenal’s defensive waist Tomas, Brighton’s Langpai, etc. Still not bad, physical and speed will be a major advantage of them, and from the perspective of the recent World Cup results, Ghana’s performance is good, and it is also normal to enter the knockout. In addition, Ghana It also defeated Nicaragua and Switzerland. Two games received 3 goals and one goal. The performance of both end of the offense and defense was perfect.

Comprehensive analysis:

In general, the two teams in this campaign are still relatively large in combat power. After all, the Portuguese team’s current lineup is very complete, the team’s strength is very strong, and the three lines have very outstanding players. Although Ronaldo is old, it is old. However, the B fee and Silva are still top players. The defensive strength is also the strongest in this group. With excellent defense and offensive, Portugal will be afraid of. In Portugal, Portugal defeated Ghana in the 2014 World Cup. In addition, the data currently also gives Portugal’s good support. In the later period, the concession continues to deepen. The overall trend is preferred to the Portuguese side. Shengjie has a big chance.

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