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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 17th Recommended on the 17th: Croatia defeats Morocco


World Cup Croatia vs Morocco

Competition time: 2022-12-17 23:00

Stadium: Harry Fa International Stadium

Croatia has gradually completed the new and old alternation of this World Cup cycle. On the backline, Guevadion, Sosa, and Yulanovic have risen. Guevadio has been seen by the wealthy team. The team is just on the front line.Lack of scoring tools.In the knockout stage, the Croatian continuous penalty kick defeated Japan and won the championship in Brazil, which was full of gold.In the semi -finals with Argentina, Croatia led the game trend 25 minutes in the first 25 minutes, but there was no substantial offensive threat. Instead, the back line was omissions, and the team was lost in a short time.If you defeat 3, miss the final qualification.

The Morocco list includes many Tibics of many five major leagues. Under the leadership of young handsome Reagragi, the team’s style is very pragmatic.After eliminating Spain and Portugal, Morocco became the first African team to advance to the World Cup.Faced with France in the semi -final, Morocco suffered an injury invasion. Ageld and Sisse were missing due to injuries. When the team lost the ball, the scene took the initiative, but there was not much scoring opportunity.Failure.Facing Croatia, Morocco’s injury is difficult to come back.

The two teams confronted once, shaking hands with 0-0.The third runner -up battle will be relatively open, the Croatian bench is more thick. It is optimistic about the team to defeat Morocco and get the third place.

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