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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 10th Recommended: Optimistic French regular time to win

World Cup England VS France

Competition time: 2022-12-11 03:00

Stadium: Gulf Stadium

In recent years, England has emerged endlessly, with comparable paper strength with France, and the team’s value is also the highest in the World Cup.In the group stage, England did not encounter any challenges, and easily got an undefeated record of 2 wins and 1 draw. Most players got the opportunity to play.In the face of Senegal, the last 10 minutes and the opening of England in the first half of the first half of England played for 10 minutes, winning 3-0, Henderson, Kane and Saka scored separately.

As the defending champion, the French men’s football team is shining, and the team has shattered the curse of the defending champion group in recent years.During the group stage, France was at ease and got qualified to qualify in advance.Faced with Poland, France occupied absolute initiative. The veteran Girou first took the lead. Mbappei was two yuan in the second half of the heavenly god.Faced with the Three Lions, it will be the real test of the Gaul Rooster this World Cup.

French personnel configuration is more reasonable. Griezmann played the core of the midfielder. Mbappe’s left on the left is almost as unaccompanied. In the face of England’s slightly general border defense, there will be room for play.Optimistic about the French regular time to win and advance to the semifinals.

Recommendation for lottery: negative


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