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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 06 Recommended on the 06th: Mo Shengli is difficult to win


Australia Super Mo Shengli vs Bridbane

Competition time: 2023-01-06 16:45:00

Stadium: Olympic Park Stadium

Melbourne has performed greatly in recent seasons. Last season, they ranked second in the regular season, but the performance so far this season has declined significantly. Although occasionally can play one or two good quality games, it is more time.The performance is very disappointing, and recently they have experienced a wave of 1 wins and 3 losses.From the data point of view, Melbourne’s victory offensive and defense are very unsatisfactory, especially the offensive end, and the game barely scored 1 goal.I am afraid it is difficult to improve the record.

The Bridge Lion Roar is now better than Melbourne’s victory, but in fact, the points are only 2 points higher, and it may be overtaken at any time.From the perspective of the state, the Bridge Lion Roar seems to be relatively stable. It can remain unbeaten in the past 7 battles, but there is only 2 wins and 5 draws. The winning rate is not ideal.Three wins and 3 draws were unbeaten. Among them, when some strong teams played against some strong teams, they could also grab the points smoothly. From this, we can see that they still have a greater opportunity to grab points successfully in this event.

Comprehensive analysis:

The overall strength of Melbourne’s victory is slightly better, but their recent state is not ideal, and the winning percentage of this season has been bad at home. Therefore, even if there is a home advantage in this game, it is difficult to win.Look, both sides are more moderate.

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