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King Cup Taranga VS Osasuna

Competition time: 2023-01-05 23:00:00

Stadium: Taragoa-Nuwu Estadi Stadium

Tarangona is the sixth group of Xiejia 2, but the first 5 teams are behind the disadvantages of the net victory. There is still the opportunity to compete for upgrading the qualifications for upgrading the playoffs.The two major scorers of the league 5 goals and 3 goals, Fernandez and Oliol’s first two rounds of the first two rounds of the king cups, did not score one game and did not score.The King of the King of Tarangna won the third round in the second game.Tarangona’s last four rounds of Western Union is only 1 wins. In the last round, it was 1-1 away to draw the midstream team, Aigenano, and Montes Monters was sent off by a red card in 48 minutes.

Osasuna performed well in La Liga this season, and even lags only 2 points behind the European theater.In the 2nd La Liga team in the Garcian season, the Kings Cup entered the 4th team the most.Osasuna lost to the Royal Royal Society 0-2 away in the last round of La Liga and suffered a 2-game losing streak in the league.In the first two rounds of the King Cup, they all won away. In the last round, 3-1 defeated the Western Association B team’s team Alneo.

In the 18/19 season, the two teams of the Secretary of the Section had a play and won at home. Tarangna defeated Osasuna 1-0 at home.Tarangona is only 4.85 million euros, and Osasuna’s team is worth 125 million euros. The gap between the strengths of the two sides is obvious. In this game, the data of 0.75 goals is available.Optimistic about Osasuna to win.

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