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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 05 Recommended on the 05th: Braga won away


Portuguese Super Clara vs Braga

Competition time: 2023-01-06 03:15:00

Stadium: San Jomil Stadium

Cindacara ranked fourth in the league standings before this round, only 1 point higher than the relegation additional area. At present, it is eager to get rid of the downgrade crisis, and the war of war is not low.The Last round of the Cinda Kara league was 0-1 in the last round of Kavison. At present, there are three consecutive defeats in various events. Five games in various matches are not ideal. The team scored 11 goals in 14 rounds in the first 14 rounds of the league.The average goal per game is less than one goal, and the attack power is slightly insufficient.Singa Kara recently achieved 1 win, 3 draws and 2 losses at home, with a low win rate and average main battle status.

Blaga ranked third in the league standings before this round, with 1 point behind the Champions League. At present, it is also full of warfare.The last round of the last round of the Braga league won the top 3-0 team, Benfica, and morale has been improved. Seven games have won six games, of which four are zero-sealing opponents, and the overall state is good.The top seven leagues in Braga achieved 6 wins and 1 loss away, with a high winning percentage. At present, it ranks first in the league’s away standings. It is also the best team officer.

Sinda Kara is still working hard to get rid of the downgrade crisis, but from the recent situation, the team has not won the game for several consecutive games, and the status has not improved.The current ranking is among the best, the away record is excellent, and the overall state is better.From the perspective of the two sides’s confrontation, Braga has maintained an undefeated record with Sinda Kara’s hand in nearly five times. In this game, they also received the support of the institution.

Recommendation for lottery: negative

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