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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 04 Recommended on the 04th: Prevention of Verona appears


Serie A Turin VS Verona

Competition time: 2023-01-04 21:30:00

Stadium: Dulin Olympic Stadium

Turin’s recent overall performance is getting better and better. Although they have a bit of a bad taste at the beginning of the season, with the deepening of the season, their lineup gradually runs into the formation. After the last round was tied in Rome, the last 5 rounds played out in the last 5 rounds.With a wave of 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, they have now returned to the ninth position of the league standings, only 6 points from the European battle area.Moreover, Turin has recently risen rapidly. In the past three home games, a wave of winning streak has also been played. The opponent also includes a strong team like AC Milan, which is trustworthy at home.

After Verona’s performance this season, after losing to Spezia 1-2 in the last round, the league has experienced ten consecutive defeats. At present, they have fallen to the bottom of the standings.It’s difficult.Moreover, Verona’s defensive vulnerabilities this season are full of defensive vulnerabilities. After 15 rounds of league league, there are no defense stability at all. Losing 29 goals in 15 rounds is also the weakest team in the league.It will still be beaten.

Turin won 1-0 in the two rounds last season with Verona. It was more experienced when confronting, and it was a lot better than Verona, but the data was only given-At the position of 0.5, there are signs of subsequent main team bonuses, and the support to Turin is not enough. This game is best to prevent flat treatment to prevent Verona from appearing.

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