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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 04 Recommended on the 04th: Oviedo’s home blocking the enemy at home


King Cup Ovyo vs Atletico Madrid

Competition time: 2023-1-5 03:00

Stadium: New Carlossi Stadium

Oviedo mixed in the West League all year round, basically in a situation of desire.This season, the team’s performance is quite satisfactory, temporarily ranked 14th, of which only 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses, the ability to grab points is more average.In the last round of the King Cup, Ovyado defeated the Magrana Dada 1-0 at home with 1-0.In the face of Atletico Madrid, the team is naturally at a disadvantage.

Under the leadership of Simonny, Atletico has maintained a full combat effectiveness in recent years. The team won the third place in La Liga last season, and the Champions League was promoted to the top eight.This season, Atletico Madrid has also encountered financial problems, but it has strengthened the strength of Molina, Kunia and other strengths.In the league, Atletico defeated Elche in the relegation zone in the last round, currently ranked fourth, and the team has little advantage behind the team.In the Kings Cup, Atletico Madrid came out early for several consecutive seasons, and his performance was not good. The team defeated low -level opponents 3-1 in the last round of the team and did not encounter a test.

There were no records of the two teams.Atletico Madrid has targeted the qualifications of the League of Europe this season, and it is difficult for the Kings Cup team to go all out.Optimistic about Oviedo’s home to block the enemy at home.

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