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China Football Lottery Sports Lottery 04 Recommended on the 04th: Leeds Union maintained unbeaten home


Premier League Leeds United VS West Ham United

Competition time: 2023-01-05 03:45:00

Stadium: Elan Road Stadium

The Premier League continued to be hot, and this game was played against the West Ham United.Leeds League ranked 14th, scored 16 points in 16 games, and 2 points ahead of the relegation zone. The team currently eats 2 red brand leagues. They have eaten 33 yellow cards ranking more than 8th.The Third Global Newcastle Alliance was tied at 0-0 away. Only 40 % of the ball control performed 8-footed goal. In the past 5 leagues, 2 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses, and 7 points.The gap is slowly pulling.

The West Ham United League ranked 17th, scored 14 points in 17 games, and scored the same as the Nottingham Forest in the relegation area. The team currently has only 13 Premier League goals.The league was lost to Brent Ford 0-2 at home. In the first half, West Hams lag behind 0-2 to the opponent. All the league has lost in the past 5 rounds. The recent league performance is very bad.

From the perspective of the history of the two sides, Liz Lian has achieved 1 win, 2 draws and 4 losses in the past 7 times in the face of West Ham Federation. The overall point of view is in the disadvantage. From the recent situation of the two teams, both sides have a trend in the near future.The obvious psychological advantage, the data is made to support both sides, there is no obvious tendency, and the home team is being lowered. Liz Lianlian is expected to remain unbeaten at home at home.

Recommendation of Cai Cai: Shengping

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