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King Cup Shenghuan Intercity vs Barcelona Barcelona

Competition time: 2023-1-5 04:00

Stadium: St. Hulian Stadium

San Juan is the team of Xiejia, and it is naturally limited.In the league, the team is temporarily ranked in the middle reaches, which is basically in a situation of no desire. In the previous round, it was 0 to 1 in the downsmall Malacbita.Difference.In the last round of the King Cup, San Juan’s home at home won the Mirandes of the Si B team at home, which was full of gold content, and ended a number of unpredictable declines.

Barcelona lost to Atletico Bilbao in the Kings Cup last season.This season, Barcelona has strengthened its strengths, Rafenia and other strengths, and Gavi and Pedric have improved their efforts.In the case of multi -line operations, the Barcelona European battle will participate in the competition for the UEFA Cup knockout match. The league is currently the same as Real Madrid. The last round of the deadly enemy Spaniard was tied 1 to 1 and performed well.In the low -level opponent of the guest battle, Barcelona will take a certain rotation.

There is a huge gap between the two teams.Barcelona is currently full of thickness. Even if a large rotation is carried out, the combat effectiveness is far above San Juan’s intercity.Optimistic about Barcelona.

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