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Premier League Arsenal VS Newcastle

Competition time: 2023-01-04 03:45:00

Stadium: Emirates Stadium

Arsenal has strengthened Tibras, such as Jesus, Jinqinko, Fabela and other litters since this season, and the combat effectiveness has improved very obvious. Now under the leadership of Alda, Arsenal has not only got the UEFA Cup to the group No. 1 in the group.One, easily advanced to the top 16, also received 43 points in the Premier League in just 16 rounds.Obtaining the goal, the team defeated Brighton with a score of 4-2. At present, it continues to press the top of Manchester City’s top standing list, and it has reached as much as 7 in Manchester City. According to the current situation, Arsenal this seasonThe prospect of winning the championship can be described as good. After all, according to after all, the teams with more than 40 points after the 16 rounds of the league in history have eventually won the championship, so as long as the subsequent Arsenal does not collapse, it is worth looking forward to.

Magpanus Newcastle is also an eye -catching team this season. Due to the host of the West Asian consortium, the team’s spirit has been significantly improved. Under the leadership of the young coach Ediham, NewcastleThis season’s combat effectiveness has improved very obvious. It has been able to transform from a relegation team in the past to the European battle team. Currently, it has been on the standings.The Cup Stadium Newcastle has also been promoted to the top eight. There is hope for winning the championship. Even in the case of away, Newcastle can maintain a 90 % invincible rate and more than 50 % of the winning rate.Nil.

In general, Newcastle performed well this season, but in comparison, Arsenal is more outstanding. At present, it is ahead of Newcastle in the standings and overall strengths.This season, Arsenal still won the victory so far, and the power of the defensive end is not much worse than Newcastle.In the later period, the trend also has the meaning of further enhancing the main team’s confidence, so under the comprehensive analysis, Arsenal is more worth looking forward to in this game.

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