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China Football Lottery Sports Cai 26 Recommended on the 26th: Liverpool won away


Premier League Vira vs Liverpool

Competition time: 2022-12-27 01:30:00

Stadium: Vera Park Stadium

The overall offense of Aston Vera this season is still weak. The league has only scored 16 goals so far. After the arrival of Emery, it has improved significantly. In the last two rounds, the two rounds have won.Laton.Aston Villa has recently conducted active warm -up preparations. The four warm -up games have achieved one win, one and two losses. The main task is to run the lineup.He will be absent from the championship.

Liverpool has performed well in the league this season. Before this round, it ranked sixth. The team now needs to score points. This season’s performance in the league is not good. The six league away games only won the next victory.Liverpool played a league cup with Manchester City in the last game. The two teams staged a goal game and eventually lost to the Blue Moon 2-3 and were eliminated.Liverpool has won the two leagues in the last two leagues, including defeating Tottenham. The team’s play can still be expected. In terms of lineup, Abutur, Philmino, Louis Diaz, Diono Ruota are currently currentlyWith injuries, Konat followed France to participate in the finals, and the campaign could not return.

Vera still made significant progress after taking over Emery, but they still have a great impact on the World Cup. The main goalkeeper Damada is still on vacation. This Villa’s defense still has hidden dangers.Liverpool has been stunned for a long time. Like Van Dick, in order to participate in the World Cup, you can now go all out. The offensive line is led by Salah. The Egyptians have no task of the World Cup.We are different. This data is also inclined to Liverpool, and we are optimistic about the Red Army to win away.

Recommendation for lottery: negative

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