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China Football Lottery Online Recommended on the 07th: Juventus is worth trusted


Saturday 019 Serie A Juventus VS Udiez

Competition time: 2023-01-08 01:00

Juventus has achieved 10 wins, 4 draws and 2 losses in 16 rounds, and ranked third in the UEFA Champions League in 34 points. After behind, there are Inter, Razio, and Rome chasing. The team cannot be lost.After the offseason, the league defeated Kremonn 1-0 away in the last round. Through the striker Milik directly breaking the goal during the stoppage time, it helped the team to get the new year’s goalkeeper, and it has won 7 consecutive victories in the league. The momentum is positive.Sheng.At present, Naples, who is currently behind the list, has 7 points, and has a certain sense of fighting.

Udinez is currently 25 points outside the European War Zone. It is 5 points from teams such as Rome and Lazio. The team does not lack the sense of fighting.In the first game of the team, the team played against Enbori in the first game, and in the end, the two sides shook hands with 1-1.The team has not won in the last nine games. During the period, 6 draws were played, and basically there were records of ball loss every game. The defender performed unstable.Facing the strong Juventus this time, I am afraid that this trip to the black chicken is probably more fierce.

The two teams played for nearly 10 times, and Juventus achieved 8 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.Based on the data of this field, the home team was sufficiently supported, and in the later period, it was stable to see the front line of the high home team.Judging from the value of Shengping’s negative main victory, it is undoubtedly full of confidence.In addition, Juventus has maintained unbeaten and won 6 games at home, and averaged 2.5 goals per game and averaged 0.38 goals. It can be described as both offensive and defensive.As a result, the Zebra Legion’s victory in this round of home battles is not a big problem.

Reference for Cai Cai: Shengsheng

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