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World Cup Croatia vs Brazil

Competition time: 2022-12-09 23:00:00


The Lauret Corps is still low -key this World Cup, and it has also entered the quarterfinals unknowingly.However, in the final round of the team in the first round of the team, the Japanese team was suffering. After the first half of the game was scored one goal, the second half was forced to launch an attack.The penalty kick was eliminated to eliminate the Blue Samurai Legion. Although it entered the quarterfinals to maintain the reputation of the last runner -up, the physical consumption was also very large, especially in this lineup, many veterans like Modric, only 3In the context of resting time, I believe that physical disadvantages will soon be revealed.

However, the experience shown in Croatia this series is still very old. After four games in the team, there were two records of zero opponents. During the periodIt can be seen that the stability of the line of defense is much more stable than expected.Moreover, the team’s offensive point is very rich and balanced. Perisic, Clarmaric and other strikers have made a lot of goals, especially in the face of Canadian battles, the latter is the second degree of plums. The firepower is basically no problem.of.


Since the start of the game, the Samba Legion has always been a big hit for this event. The first two battles in the group stage beat Switzerland and Serbia 1-0 and 2-0, respectively.The full bench lineup was sent to play. Although it was defeated 0-1, the main players have received a lot of rest. Among them, Anthony, Danilo, and Neymar who were injured also adjusted from the injury in time from the injury.Come over.Especially the latter faced 1 goal and 1 goal for South Korea after the last round, helping the team to establish a 4-0 advantage in the first half.information.

The most important thing is that this time the Brazil team is very good at tough battles. Since September last year, they have been in the top 20 teams in Uruguay, Colombia, Argentina, Japan, Japan, South Korea, Serbia, and Switzerland.During the period, it was not defeated and maintained a win rate of more than 70 %. Under the tuning of coach Ditt, the five -star Brazil in this lineup obviously had a lot of chemical reactions.

Data comparison:

Croatia has encountered a net negative 2 goals in the last two times. It can be seen that the gap between the strength still exists, and they have a lot of physical consumption in the last game. This game should be low.At the position of +1.25, the subsequent home team bonus also further increased, and the Brazilian team was very high. If the follow -up data trend is consistent, I believe that Brazil will continue to be hot.

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