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China Football Lottery Network Recommended on the 26th: Shefei Lian defeated Caowen


British Crown Shefi Lian VS Kaowen

Competition time: 2022-12-26 23:00:00

Stadium: Baramore Lane Stadium

The Senfield United Union is currently in the 23rd rounds of the league. The team accumulates 44 points and temporarily ranks second. In the past five home games, only one game has lost one game. The team’s recent home performance is acceptable.Sheffield has won 9: 4 in the last 5 games. The team’s recent offensive and defensive ends have performed well. In the last round of the league, the team defeated Atletico Vigawa. The team has maintained a consecutive victory in the recent league.The veteran Billy Sharp scored goals in the last round of the league.

Kaowen Tyao’s current league 23 rounds, the team has accumulated 33 points to temporarily ranks 17th. In the past four away events, three games have won three of them. The team’s recent guest battle performance is acceptable.The Kaowen drooping the last round of the league defeated West Brown. The team maintained a momentum of getting points in the last two rounds of the league.The team will continue to rely on his offensive in the frontcourt.

Since the league’s rematch, Sheffield has obviously rebelled, and once again showed the strength of the first group of the British Champions League.In the last round of the league defeated Atletico Victoria, the last 7 rounds won 6 wins; Kaowen Yao has performed well recently, and has a certain tension before this round.But in the recent league’s play, it is obviously that Shefili has performed better.Combined with the current salary, it also gives Shephel Delian sufficient support, and the main victory may pay more attention.

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