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China Football Lottery Network Recommended on the 26th: HartlP defended home

British Football Cup HartlP vs Haro Gate

Competition time: 2022-11-26 23:00

Stadium: Victoria Park Stadium

In recent years, Hart policy has been in the middle and lower reaches of British B. This season, the team’s league performance is very poor. At present, only 12 points have been received, ranking at the bottom, and the relegation pressure is great. In the last round of the league, the team lost to Baro with 1 to 3, and lost six games in the past seven rounds, almost near the valley. In the first round of the FA Cup, after the team re -race, the penalty kick defeated Solgor and was involved in the danger.

Haro Gat has also performed poorly in Britain and B this season. At present, only 16 points have been received, which is temporarily ranked 20th. The leading downgrade area has only one ball advantage, and the relegation pressure is also not small. In the last round of the league, Haro Gate washed the powerful Manosfid with 3-0 blood, ending the five rounds of unsightly trends. In the FA Cup, the team defeated Bradford in the first round of the team and was promoted to the cold.

The two teams have confronted once in the league, and Hartbary lost 1-2. Between Bo Zhong, the two teams were in the end of Bo Zhong. The league ended last weekend. The morale was great. This campaign is optimistic about the team to defend the home. The regular time will not lose.

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