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China Football Lottery Network Recommended on the 26th: Chesterfer’s regular time is undefeated

Bingbulden VS Cherfield

Competition time: 2022-11-26 23:00

Stadium: King Grass Stadium

Wimbledon ranked in the lower reaches of the British A few seasons in the past few seasons. This season, the team performed well in the British and B stadium. The league end currently has 26 points, temporarily ranked 13th, and there is a gap between two goals from the upgrade area. In the British Championships in the middle of the week, the team defeated Sadon 1-0 at home. The nearly ten games were undefeated, and there were four seals in the last five games. The defensive end performed extremely well.

Two seasons in the past two seasons have been downgraded to the British leasmal mixing, which is sighing. This season, the team’s league performance has performed well. At present, 40 points have been scored, ranking third, and they are in the upgrade zone. Last weekend, the team defeated Solgor 2-0, and the nearly eight games remained unbeaten in all eight games. In the first round of the Football Cup, Chesterfield defeated British B -Aperton with 1-0, performing well.

The two teams have not confronted records for nearly six years. Wimbledon’s Democratic Champions League knockout is not a small consumption. Even if the Football Cup fights at home, there is a certain hidden danger in physical fitness. Optimistic about Chestfield’s routine time.

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