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China Football Lottery Network Recommended on the 26th: Cambridge Union’s regular time win

British Football Cup Cambridge Lianxin VS Grim

Competition time: 2022-11-26 23:00

Stadium: Abbey Stadium

The Cambridge Union has not upgraded to the British field last season, with insufficient heritage. This season, the team has performed poorly in the first half of the league. At present, only 20 points have been scored, which are temporarily ranked 20th. The leading downgrade zone has two goals. The pressure relegation pressure is not great. Last weekend, Cambridge United at home was lost to Aknington with 0-1. Various games encountered five unsightly games, continued to score, and the attack on the attack was lost. In the first round of the FA Cup, the Cambridge coupled ball defeated the low -level Ashton, involving the danger.

Grim has been upgraded to British B this season. In the first half of the league, the promotion horse performed well. At present, it has received 24 points. Temporarily ranked in the middle reaches. There is still a double -digit advantage in the leading downgrade area. In the first round of the Football Cup, Grem washed the leader of British Armor Plusmus at 5-1 at home, which was full of gold. In the middle of the week, the team played the British Championships with Aknington, lost 0-1, and the physical consumption was not small.

The two teams were in the past seven games, and Cambridge Lianlian 5 wins and 2 draws remained unbeaten. The gap between the two teams is not large. The Cambridge has continued to score and cannot score. Optimistic about the regular time of Cambridge to win and advance to the next round.

Recommendation: Shengsheng

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