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China Football Lottery Network Recommended on the 26th: Brent is expected to block the tasting


Premier League Brent vs Tottenham

Competition time: 2022-12-26 20:30:00

Stadium: Brent Ford Community Stadium

Brent Ford’s overall performance in the league this season is relatively good. After 15 rounds, he played a record of 4 wins, 7 draws and 4 losses. It is currently in the 10th position of the standings. The hope of relegation is great.And Brent Ford’s characteristics this season are very distinctive, that is, the home ability is excellent. The 8 main games have only lost once at home.It should be seen high.Moreover, the team’s tackling level this season is very clear. The main striker Tony is very good. The number of goals has reached double -digit numbers. In the face of Tottenham visits, this game seems to have no fear.

Tottenham Hot has completed a lot of blood transfusion in the World Cup series, including Richardson, Kane, Sun Xingzhang, Ben Cord, Romero, etc. The overall physical reserve must be slightly inferior.And the worst thing is that Richardson, a well -known Brazilian striker in the World Cup, is currently a state of injuries. Both he and Cesenion have basically confirmed the injury. There are not many choices for hot thorns.In addition, Tottenham’s goal loss this season is more serious. It can be seen that Conte’s tactical system has not yet been established. Brent Ford, who performed well at home in this game, still has a greater risk of losing.

In terms of data, the position of +0.5 is given a position. The subsequent home team bonus has a slight trend. In fact, this trend is very unfavorable to Tottenham. Considering that Tottenham has a certain injuries at present, the guest battle is on the body.Compared with Brent Ford’s home abilities, the home team in this game is still more opportunities to grab scores.

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