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World Cup German vs Japan

Competition time: 2022-11-23 21:00:00


As one of the world ’s princes, the German team has won the 4th World Cup and the 3rd European Cup championships. It has just begun to turn sharply since the German team’ s status since 2014. Looking back at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the German team as the defending champion even even in the group. Seta was not qualified, and even in the final round of the group match, he lost to the South Korean team. He returned early in a very bleak way, and then looked at the performance of the European Union in the early stage. It can be said that the German team today has become a decline. The wealthy, this year’s Qatar World Cup, although the German team has undergone coaches and updates, I look forward to the comeback. In the battle, there are a large number of new and old stars such as Nouer, Mueller, Gezze, but in view of Royce and Hu Mei Erss, Wilner and other Titans have no chance, especially the main force of the front line, Verna’s absence, which has no impact on the team’s front line. It is questionable whether the German team can get the door to open the door.


The Japanese team is a team that values ​​the overall and has high tactical literacy. In the formation, there are famous celebrities such as Fu’an Jianyang, Nangong Takashi, Kamita Dadi, Sakai Hiroshi, Yoshida Maki. Although the journey of this world preliminaries is not smooth sailing, coach Mori Mori once faced the crisis of get out of class, but relying on the outstanding overall strength, the Japanese team eventually turned in danger and entered the World Cup with the second performance of the group. From the perspective of the performance of Ecuador and Canada, the team’s hidden dangers are still not small. On the one hand, although they have a good defense quality led by Fuan Jianyang, because the front line lacks the world’s top stars like Sun Xingzhang, As a result, the offensive end of their offensive end is unstable. Recently, many games have encountered the opponent’s zero seal. On the other hand, there are many players in the formation. Shou Tian Yingzheng, Yuanjin Hang and others have had more or less injuries before, and it undoubtedly became a major hidden danger of the team.

Comprehensive analysis:

In general, the two teams in this campaign are currently different but not large. After all, the German team has lost to the South Korean team in the last World Cup. The strength of the Japanese team is the same as the South Korean team. In addition, let alone the German team and the Japanese team are currently not in the best competitive state. The recent confrontation between the two sides also ended in a draw. Therefore, the Japanese team also has the opportunity to grab points. In addition It has a good support, but the trend in the later period has the meaning of weakness, and the concession has declined all the way. At present, it prefers the Japanese side. In terms of victory and losing data, the value of the peace bureau has also been significantly reduced. The team is not a winning pattern. Under the unique potential and strong toughness of the Japanese team, the German team must beware of the possibility of winning the German team.

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