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China Football Lottery Network Recommended on the 22nd: Mexico sitting and wins

World Cup Mexico VS Poland

Competition time: 2022-11-22 23:59:00

The current situation of the team:

Mexico is one of the most experienced teams in the history of the World Cup. It has participated in 16 World Cups in history, but in the last 7 sessions, they have stopped 16, which can be regarded as a curse. Although the list of Mexico this year’s competition is not lacking in Losano, Raul Hedienis, Gwaddo, and Edison Alvarez players who have played for mainstream European leagues, but most of the players are even more players. It is effective in the domestic league, and there is a certain gap between individual abilities compared with first -class strong teams. From several previous warm -up games, Mexico’s performance has not been very good. In the past five games, there are only 2 wins and 3 losses. Among them, the defeated Iraq and Peru are weak teams. Of course, many teams do not pay attention to the results of the warm -up match. Mexico also has the opportunity to surrender a completely different spiritual appearance in the stage of the game.

Poland has stabilized in Europe’s second -rate level in recent years. In the battle, many stars who have played for mainstream European leagues in Europe. Among them, Levan Dorvsky is even more world -class forward. After transferring this season, he can still maintain a very good Efficiency is still in the leading position on the La Liga Sagittarius list. However, although Poland seems to be more powerful, their experience in participating in the World Cup is not as rich as Mexico, and the last three participation in the World Cup has failed to highlight from the group. Another disadvantaged curse for Poland is that since 1994, Mexico’s first opponent in the World Cup has been unable to advance to the knockout match, including teams such as Germany and Croatia.

Comprehensive analysis:

Although Poland has more prominent personal ability, Mexico’s overall seems to be better, so this event is very matched. Therefore, the data has been in a balanced grade from the beginning, and of course it is very reasonable, and the profit supporting Mexico has been in a lower range for a long time, which will be more favorable. Based on the previous war records of the two parties, this support supports in this field. Mexico sitting and wins should be relatively stable.

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