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World Cup Denmark vs Tunisia

Competition time: 2022-11-22 21:00:00


In recent years, Denmark has gradually been promoted to Europe and even the world -class strong queue. They have performed very well in the European Cup. After the thrilling out of the group stage, they have entered the semi -finals after the group stage. The ranking has gradually risen to the top ten positions.

However, the Danish team’s lineup still uses the European Cup as the team, and also calls Eriksson, who has a heart problem during the European Cup. From the perspective of the entire lineup structure, the team lacks enough speed and return to return. Pursuing ability, this is not good for them to face the World Cup when facing weak travel, especially when they are dealing with teams such as Africa’s rapid counterattack, the disadvantage will be enlarged infinitely.

However, the Danish team performed well in the face of teams outside Europe. They met with Asia and African teams in the past three times. Slow, the team’s excellent tackling ability can still be reflected.


In recent years, the African -African Brigade Tunisia has returned to the World Cup. They have participated 3 times in the 5th World Cup since 16 years, which is relatively low -key compared to the African heroes such as Bin Nigeria and Senegal. The lineup of this call is basically the French team. Montpellier striker Kazri, Odense striker Jebari, Lorion Zhongwei Tabri and other famous players have all been selected as a large list. The front waist Mirberry, Cologne back waist Skyri, etc. players who have played in European play in Europe have entered the battle.

Data comparison:

Although the two teams have not played a record, it is interesting that Denmark has a high winning percentage of teams outside Europe, while Tunisia faced all the European teams in the past four times, and basically boldly predicts the style of the two teams. They are all places. The data is first opened to-1. Compared with the ranking of the two teams, it is still reasonable. This game is expected to be the trend of the positive road. big.

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