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World Cup American VS Wales

Competition time: 2022-11-22 03:00

The current situation of the team:

The US standards have improved steadily in recent years, and this is also due to their many players in recent years that many players can play in the five major leagues, including Plishich, McKenney, Dest, Adams, Arensen and so on. It is the backbone of the five major league teams. Many other players are also playing football such as Dutch, Big A, or British Crown. The overall strength cannot be underestimated. Although the previous warm -up match record was average, the two battles against Japan and Saudi Arabia in the past two games have been zero, but it has a great relationship with their attention to the results of the warm -up match. In the stage of the game, it is estimated that the United States is estimated The team will show a completely different spiritual appearance.

Wales has set foot in the World Cup finals again after a lapse of 64 years, but this is also likely to be the last glory of their “golden generation”. After all, Bell, Ramse, Joe Allen, Ben Davis and other teams Players have been over thirty, and the state has been declining year by year in recent seasons. But even so, stars like Bell can still save the team with their personal light at a critical moment. Earlier, in the preliminaries of the World Championship, with Bell’s magical play, Welsh defeated Ukraine to get the World Cup ticket. In the European Union of the earlier months, Welsh’s performance was extremely bad, but considering that the strength of the same group of opponents was above them, it was not unacceptable. In the World Cup, if Wales can grab enough points when facing the United States and Iran in the first two rounds, their opportunities will be relatively large.

Comprehensive analysis:

From the perspective of overall strength, the American team is slightly better than Wales, but in Wales, there is a top star like Bell. Although they are old, their experience and ability to fight hard still exist, so this field is basically basically. The above is a cling to the match. Although the data seems to be slightly inclined to the United States, the strength is not great. Ou Ping continues to suppress it in a lower profit range, and it is better to play.

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