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China Football Lottery Network Recommended on the 21st: The Netherlands is expected to get a door opening

World Cup Senegal vs Dutch

Competition time: 2022-11-21 23:59:00

Beijing time on November 22nd, the Qatar World Cup in 2022 will usher in a focus war. Senegal, which has won the African Cup before, will usher in the first game with the Tulip Legion Dutch team. From the perspective of strength, Senegal is obviously weaker than the Dutch team. However, considering that the two teams rarely played in the past, the Dutch team returned to the World Cup did not dare to take it lightly. After all, in the case of only three games in the group stage, if you want to get the first line of the group, the Dutch team is best to win three games, and Senegal is undoubtedly the team’s strongest opponent.

Judging from the FIFA ranking, Senegal ranks only 18th, but under the leadership of Sisse, Senegal is obviously a motivated travel that cannot be ignored. You know that Sisse, who is only 46 years old, has been in charge of Senegal for 7 years! From the perspective of personnel, Senegal has a lot of players who have played for the five major European leagues in the five major European leagues in the current formation of Senegal, which has the potential to become a dark horse. It was just that before the World Cup started, Sergal’s trouble was huge.

Due to injuries in the club, Ma lacks Mane’s Senegal’s front strength, and it will undoubtedly be greatly reduced. Judging from the recent competition, Senegal did not play warm -up with the European teams. Instead, in September, he played with the Asian team in Iran. This seems to be unexpectedly that Senegal does not ask for a match with the Dutch team, and there is any winning. Considering this situation, Senegal wants to make a difference, it is obviously huge. The team may only be stable and defensive, and lose less.

Compared with Senegal, the Dutch team returning to the World Cup after many years is extremely high. In the current FIFA ranking, the Dutch team ranks 8th in the world, and its strength is evident. For the World Cup, the team also invited the old coach Van Gar, in order to make a difference in this World Cup. Judging from the choice of Fan Garr’s staff, the “Non -Crown King” Dutch team still has its own advantages. On the line of defense, the Dutch team has the world’s top defensive players in Derricht, Malacia, Van Dark, Dunrivers and others. Therefore, it is not easy to break through the Dutch team.

It is worth mentioning that the Dutch team has obvious advantages and disadvantages. Although in the past Dutch teams, there are world -rear forwards such as Robben and Van Persie, today’s Dutch teams have no such divine front in the midfield. The World Cup Dutch team has only a combination of Dapepe, Garker, and Luke Derong. In terms of midfield, except for Franki Derong, the Dutch team has no outstanding personnel. Under such circumstances, the troops of Van Garr’s troops were tested. Although there is no problem with the team on the group, how to activate the front line in the group stage is the current top priority of the Dutch team!

Like Senegal, before the World Cup officially started, the Dutch team did not play any warm -up match. However, from the past performance, the Dutch team is in good condition. In the European Union’s competition, the Dutch team not only defeated Poland and Wales, but also defeated Belgium! Such a record has made the team confident now. Although Senegal is not a soft persimmon, for the Dutch team, the team returns to the World Cup in order to prove itself. Therefore, the team will never allow themselves to have any disappointment. Under such circumstances, in the face of Senegal, the Dutch team will definitely go all out. The end result is likely that the Dutch team victory over Senegal.

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