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World Cup England vs Iran

Competition time: 2022-11-21 21:00:00

In recent years, the Three Lions have made great progress in the competition. Of course, it is inseparable from the increasingly mature youth training system and the success of the league. In the last session, they reached the semi-finals at the World Cup in France. Unfortunately, they lost to the runner-up Croatia in the overtime, and it was regrettable to Belgium in the competition of the third place. Will want to go further.

And this time, in addition to the injury, the coach Sosgate’s players and the last session were not very different. The only difference is that it has a few more faces this season, such as midfielder Belinham and Garrat, which is undoubtedly a big reinforcement for England, which has always been weak.

However, it should be noted that England’s recent performance in the formal competition is not very good. In 2022, the team has only played a record of 3 draws and 3 losses in the 6 group stage in the European and countries. To relegate to the B league, we must know that the European Union is an important event that is directly linked to the European Cup places. It is impossible for England to not pay attention to this point. Among them, they must consider whether they have declined with strength.


In recent years, Iran, the Asian strong team, has become stronger and stronger, unknowingly that they have raised world rankings to 20th. And many of the team’s call lineups have played in top European league players, such as the striker Tarimmy, who has stabilized the main force in Porto, Azmun, who played for Levolkuson, in the Premier League Brent Ford Picking the midfielder Gotis, etc., the lineup of the entire midfield and frontcourt is already luxurious for the Asian team. The overall level is comparable to the European Second Streaming Team.

Although Iran ’s average age is large and the average age is large and seemingly energetic, their competition experience is very rich, and the tactical execution is high. With these two points, they almost right at the last French World Cup in France were almost right. The Portuguese and Spanish groups killed the siege. This time, there must be a stronger sense of war.

Data comparison:

The two teams have rarely played in history. This time, according to the process forecast, Iran, based on the defense, will definitely play more cautiously. The small score must be a wave of attention. The data is first opened-1.25. The subsequent home team bonus will continue to increase. It is expected that the market outlook will have a large chance to fall to -1. To a certain extent, it is also related to the decline in English in recent years. In the context of continuous weakness in data, it will definitely be a relatively stable way to pay attention to Iran.

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