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China Football Lottery Network Recommended on the 19th: Oxford United home is even more optimistic at home

Saturday 105 British Oxford Union VS Green Forest Wandering

Competition time: 2022-11-19 23:00

Oxford Lianlian locks 8th place last season. In the British, they are excellent teams. Their goal is to rush levels. The performance of this season has declined slightly. It has achieved a record of 6 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses, ranked 12th. Among them, the main and away records are similar. The home advantage is not particularly obvious. This team is somewhat mediocre. Among them, the league scored a total of 24 goals and lost 20 goals. The attack power is guaranteed, but often the defensive end drags the hind legs, the typical attack and weakness. The team under this characteristic has certain characteristics and Yu Wei. It is also very easy to play in the face of weak travel, but when encountering a strong team, Lima’s post -defense problem will be amplified. In the last game, the team played the British Football Cup, eventually defeated He Jing 2-1, promoted smoothly, and morale was prosperous.

The green forest wandering is the promotion of the horse this season. The team performed well last season in Britain and the B. Finally, they topped the list. They came to the stage of the British Aida, but apparently the small club did not invest too much. Their goal was to relegate. At present, the record of 3 wins, 4 draws and 11 losses, the gap between strength is a bit large, and it is more difficult to adapt. There are still 4 points from ashore. There is still a chance to relegate. Among them, the main and away records are not good, and the tactics are defensive counterattacks and steal points as much as possible. Scored 15 goals, lost 37 goals, the attack power was weak, and the defensive end was full of vulnerabilities. In the last game, the team faced Wei Kangbi at home, and finally lost to the opponent 0-2. The league suffered two consecutive defeats and morale. In the face of the powerful Oxford Federation, this campaign is still more fierce.

The two sides have been in the past 10 games, and Oxford Lian has achieved 4 wins and 6 draws. It can be seen that in history, the opponent has been suppressed and occupied the psychological advantage. Both sides are undoubtedly excellent in Oxford Lianlian regardless of points or offensive and defensive data. So it is more appropriate to optimize Oxford to win.

Reference for the lottery: the main victory

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