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King Cup Logrannis vs Royal Society

Competition time: 2023-1-5 02:00

Stadium: Logrannis Stadium

Logrannis is a team of Xiejia, and it is naturally limited to hard power and heritage.This season, the team performed poorly on the league. At present, only 18 points have been scored. Temporarily ranked in the middle and lower reaches. The eight games at home have only one victory, and the score efficiency is poor.One round of the Kings Cup, after Logonnis played to overtime, defeated the West B team Albaset, performing well.

In recent seasons of Royal Society, under the leadership of Alzer, the youth storm has set off a youth storm, its strength has risen, and it has obtained the qualifications of European war.This season, the team performed well in the UEFA Cup. Li Chi Mango won the first place in the group and advanced to the top 16. The league ended 29 points.In the last round of the King Cup, the royal society washed the low -level Korira 5-0 blood without encountering too many tests.

There were no records of the two teams.In the case of multi -line combat in the royal society, the focus is on the European War and the League. The King Cup team may not go all out.Optimistic about Logonis’s regular time will not be defeated.

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