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China Football Lottery Network 30th Recommended: West Ham continues to be sluggish


Premier League West Ham United vs Brent

Competition time: 2022-12-31 03:45

West Ham United:

The West Ham United Last lost 1-3 away to Arsenal in the last round of the league. After the Premier League returned, the first game ended in a failure, and this defeat was already the third defeat in the last 4 games. As a result, they can only continue to be trapped in the downstream zone. There are only 2 points advantages from the downgrade area. The prospects are not optimistic. From the lineup of the previous game, players like Italian striker Scarcal are absent from the absence of the absence of the absence of the absence The team’s performance has a great impact. Next, Moyes really think about why the former European war team has now fallen here. If the solution is not found as soon as possible, I am afraid that Moyas will not be far away from class to leave get out of class. Essence

Brent Ford:

For the last round of Brent Ford, facing the powerful Tatnum hot spot, although the team led the opponent with two goals, the team tied two goals in a 2-0 lead, but they could get scores in the European War team.And once ahead, it proves that they are still strong. In fact, Brent Ford can defeat the incomparable Manchester City in the last round of the Premier League game before the World Cup.The potential should not be underestimated. Although they are just a midstream team on the surface, the attack power is strong. Whether West Ham United can resist Brentford’s offense is questionable.

Comprehensive analysis:

In general, although the gap between the two teams in this campaign is not very large, considering that the hammer is currently sluggish, Brentford is currently morale.Brent Ford also occupied a certain advantage in the historical confrontation -last season, the main away and away from the hammer gang, so this campaign fought again, and the psychological advantage was very large.The German side, so under the comprehensive analysis, this battle Brentford is undefeated.

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