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China Football Beanpan recommended on the 17th: Mi Castle blocked the descending horse horse


British Crown Bernley vs rice castle

Competition time: 2022-12-17 23:00

Stadium: Turph Moore Stadium

As a descending horse, Bernley has also lost the Titans such as Pops this season, but under the leadership of the young coach Topani, the team is still a major upgrade.Bernley currently gets 44 points and ranks topped with the top of the list. Black has an advantage of 8 points in the third place, and has grasped the initiative of upgrading. Among them, 7 wins and 4 draws at home remain unbeaten and the score is full.In the last round of the league, the leader washed the cruise with 3-0 blood, and won three consecutive victories in various competitions.

Under the leadership of Wilde last season, Mi Cao was insufficient and missed the area again.This season, the team’s performance was weak, Wilder took a get out of class, and Carrick took over.After changing the coaches, the combat effectiveness of Mibao returned quickly. The team currently has 30 points, and there is only a gap between 4 points from the upgrade area. Among them, the guest is 4 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses.In the last round of the league, Mi Fort defeated Luton 2-1 at home. In the last five rounds, 13 points were scored, which is good combat.

The two teams have not confronted records for nearly six years.The two teams are not large in combat power. The Mi Castle has a lot of battle.

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