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China Football Lottery 23rd Recommended on the 23rd: Spain is undoubtedly more worth looking forward to

World Cup Spain VS Costa

Competition time: 2022-11-23 23:59:00

Most of the players in Spain are from La Liga in this World Cup, of which Real Madrid and Barcelona are mostly. Their performances on the offensive end have been improved. In the past 15 games, they have maintained a goal record and averaged 1.88 goals. Yes, Spain has the title of “Kings” in the competition. Five flat games appeared in 6 games in the last European Cup, and the World Cup team once again scratched the youth storm. Many players did not participate in the competition experience in the World Cup. Ramos was absent again.

Costa Rica is considered the weakest team in the group, but this team is not soft persimmon. Costa Rica’s famous player is from Navas from Saint -Germain in Paris. Agilela is also a player who plays for the five major European leagues, and Costa Rica It is a frequent visitor to the World Cup and has rich experience. Although many of them come from the local league, the overall defense of Costa Rica is relatively prominent. It is worth mentioning that the team’s performance on the offensive end has improved. The field was seal.

The two teams did not confront the record in the official match. In the past two friendly matches, they won a lot of winning results to add psychological advantages to this game. The group is relatively the weakest in Costa Rica. Spain will not miss great opportunities. Data. It started with a support attitude of 1.5, and then adjusted to 2, which has been adjusted to 2, which has increased confidence, and Spain is undoubtedly worth looking forward to.

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