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China Football NBA 10th Recommendation: Optimistic about the Green Shirt Revenge Finals opponents

Cai Cai Basketball Saturday 312: Celtics VS Warriors

Competition time: 2022-12-11 09:30

Under the leadership of the young handsome Magram, the Green Shirt is still one of the most popular to win the championship.The team is in the Western Expedition and currently has a record of 21 wins and 5 losses, temporarily listed at the top of the league.On Thursday morning, the Green Shirts were a guest with a 27 -point advantage to wash the incomplete sun. This game lost suspense in half a game. Tatum and Jaylen Brown both scored the highest 25 points.By 16 points.

The Warriors, as the defending champion, struggled after the start of the start, shortened the rotation lineup and returned to combat effectiveness.The Warriors winning rate is still hovering around 50 %. In the last game, in the case of Ciri, Green and Virgins were defeated by the Jazz’s 1 point. In this campaign, Pur scored the highest 36 points and 8 assists.For key errors, Thompson scored 22 points, and Ku Ming scored 24 points and 5 rebounds.Faced with the Green Shirts, Virgins were missing, and Curry and Green probably came back.

Repeated in the finals last season.Compared with the finals, the Green Shirts lack Luo Wei, but strengthened Brogden, liberating Tatum’s ball holding pressure to the greatest extent. The team’s current hard power is still above the warriors.Optimistic about the Green Shirts.

Recommendation: Let the Division Celtics win

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