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China Football Beanpan Recommended on the 3rd: Green Forest won at home

British Green Forest VS Cambridge Union

Competition time: 2022-12-3 21:00

Stadium: Xincao Stadium

The Green Forest won the British B -RMB championship last season and upgraded to the British Stadium.This season, the team has limited reinforcement and has been mixed in the downgrade area. At present, 14 points have been received, ranking at the bottom, and there are two gaps in backward safety zones. Among them, the home is 2 wins and 7 losses.In the last round of the league, the Green Forest tied the powerful Oxford 1 to 1 to 1 to 1, and got a tie with full gold content.

Cambridge was upgraded to the English field last season and got the 14th place. The relegation was successful early and performed well.This season, the team’s performance in the first half of the team has been slightly ups and downs. At present, only 20 points have been scored. There are two advantages in the leading downgrade zone. Among them, it is a guest with 2 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses.The Cambridge Wedding has not scored less goals, and the attack end of the attack is poor.In the last round of the league, the team had a regret of 0 to 1 to the difficult brother Akenington. In the past nine rounds, it lost seven games.

Green Forest has won four consecutive victories in the face of Cambridge.The gap between the two teams is limited, and the green forest continues to end. Facing the relegation opponents, the war is full.Optimistic about the green forest at home.

Beidan recommendation: let the victory win

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