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China Football Beanpan 10th Recommended on the 10th: optimistic about Stoke City will not lose

Crown Stoke City vs Cardiff City

Competition time: 2022-12-10 23:00

Stadium: Bet365 Stadium

After reaching the 18-19 season to the British championship, Stock City has continuously won the middle and lower reaches of the league, and has lost its competitiveness.This season, the team’s performance has not changed much. At present, it has received 25 points, which is temporarily ranked 17th. The leading downgrade zone is only 2 points. Among them, 3 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses at home.In the last round of the league, the team lost to West Brown, which lost 0 to 2, and lost five games in the past seven rounds.

Cardiff City was internal and external problems last season. After changing the coach, it was difficult to complete relegation.This season, the team is positioned at the level of the middle and lower reaches. At present, it has received 24 points. There is only one point in the leading downgrade zone. There is a lot of relegation pressure. Among them, the guest has 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses.Cardiff City’s farm has not scored less goals, and the attack end of the attack is insufficient.In the last round of the league, the team was in the upgrade zone Xie Feilian with a regret of 0-1. It suffered two consecutive defeats and lost three games in the last four rounds.

In the two rounds of last season, Stock City was at a disadvantage.The performance gap between the two teams this season is not large, and the situation is relatively close. Cardiff City is a guest. The tactics will be more pragmatic. It is optimistic that the team will not lose.

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