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China Cup Sailing Race on the 6th of the Greater Bay Fleet made the last warm -up


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The 13th China Cup Sailing Race will start on November 6. The competition is approaching, and the sea of ​​Daya Bay will gradually become lively. In the afternoon of November 4th, the last time of the venue before the competition of each fleet. After the crew completed the training, returned to the dock to adjust the boat and organized equipment to make the final warm -up for the game.

At around 4 pm, there was a busy atmosphere on the dock. The members of the IRC Group of the Guangzhou Yunfan team carefully adjusted the mast and cords under the leadership of Captain Brant Gleb, hoping that the boat would play the best state during the game. The fleet of the FIRST 40.7 group of Bonado also returned to the dock one after another. Chat-Sailor, such as RNZYS,, Car Technology Team and other teams, after one day of training, it adapts to the boat and climatic conditions.

Chat from New Zealand-RNZYS, Zak Merton, was excited after going ashore: “In the past few days, we have all launching training and adjusting the boat. Formed by young professional sailors, ZAK said: “We want to maintain competitiveness in the competition, strive to get ideal results, and enter the Chinese Cup podium again.”

The competition of Bonado’s FIRST 40.7 group this year is very fierce, and the bean network team composed of British crew is strong. The crew Lucy Jackson is the wife of Captain Christopher Jackson. She said: “Although this is the first time I participated in the China Cup, my husband has participated before, and we have a lot of experience in participating in the Bonado 40.7 group competition. Take a good name. “Lucy’s activities on the other side were full of interest:” I look forward to visiting the event village during the competition, and seeing the stage and the exhibition hall gradually get up, I feel that this will be a great event. “

The participating fleets from China are also actively preparing for the battle. Wannian Kamamiya China Ningbo No. 1 is composed of 5 foreign sailors and 5 Chinese sailors. In today’s training, they have a warm -up match with the car technology team. As a result, the Ningbo No. 1 team took the lead. The crew Wang Hong revealed: “We did not set specific goals in this competition. Of course, the higher the ranking. The higher the better. In the training and competition, foreign crew members will teach us a lot of navigation techniques to gradually improve the ability of Chinese sailors.”

The old Shanghai sailor played in “Quanhua Class” looks forward to the next level this year. Captain Zhou Yi has previously participated in the China Cup sailing race many times. He said: “Last year, the preparation time was relatively short. We prepared in advance this year. After we came to Shenzhen, we actively adjusted the status of the boat and gave more time teammates to cooperate. Foreign fleets, ranking in the middle and upstream! “

On November 5th, all fleets participating in the Chinese Cup Sailing Race will report to registration. Representatives of each team will participate in the Captain’s Meeting in the afternoon to clarify the precautions and make the final preparation for the competition.

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