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China Competitive Net Australia Super Information: Brisbane Lion Roar in the nearly 8 league undefeated


On Tuesday 001 Australian Super League Perth Glory VS Brisbane Lion Roar 2023-01-10 19:30

Perth Glory, who was at the bottom of the Australian Super League standings last season, still did not improve much this season. At present, after 10 rounds, the last one is temporarily in the standings with 3 wins, 1 draw and 6 losses.15 goals, Feng’s weakness is the main problem of Perth’s glorious this season. In the Australian Super League where the play is open, the team has averaged less than one goal per game.There are only one player from the front line, all of which are the middle and background players. Although the coach Zadkovic has constantly adjusted the front of the front line, whether it is Nyong Gabir or Ivanovic, it failed to break the ball shortage.However, it should be noted that after entering December, Perth’s glorious home record has improved significantly. After defeating West Sydney Walkman last weekend, the last 3 league at home was unbeaten, and the state gradually recovered.Facing the Bridbon Lion Roar at home, Perth’s glory naturally wants to continue the best at home.

The Bridge Lion Roar has performed very well this season. After defeating Melbourne last weekend, it has temporarily ranked 5th in the standings with 3 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss. Since late October last year, the team has been inThe league has not been defeated. From the data point of view, the efficiency of the Bridge lion roaring at the offensive end is not outstanding. At present, the average goals per game. The relatively coarse lines affect the scoring ability in front of the goal.The defense is the team’s score guarantee. The team currently has only 7 goals in 10 rounds. The defense lines built by Neville, Chapman and others are trustworthy.The lion roar naturally takes the goal as the primary task.

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