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China Competition Network Law B Intelligence: Paris FC Master Blasts lack momentum at home


Tuesday 006 Fayu Paris FCVS Timon 2023-01-11 03:45

Paris FC has performed well in the French League B this season. At present, after 17 rounds, it will temporarily ranked 10th in the standings. During the period, he scored 15 goals and lost 16 goals.The scores of the two scorers of Ravorgi and Chasari, other players provide more support for the offensive end, and strict defense is the biggest advantage of the team. The 18 -year -old Central Guge Gege performed well after the superiority of this season.It has formed a good tacit understanding with Bangnell, Cole and others, but it should be noted that the characteristics of Paris FC this season’s homeworm and guest dragon are very prominent., But returning to the home team only 8 wins and 1 win, did not show the advantage at all. In the face of the countdown, Paris FC did not win.

After the downgrade of Di Rong last season, the team lost a lot of backbone, and the combat effectiveness was greatly affected. Last season, only the 11th France B was achieved. This season, the team still did not restore its vitality. At presentSheng 6 draws and 7 losses, temporarily ranked 16th in the standings, and one step away from the downgrade area. From the data point of view, the data on both the offensive and defensive ends of the offensive and defensive this season is not ugly, but the weak away combat power restricts the team’sRanking, currently 8 away 1 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses, the away efficiency is extremely low, but compared with the Paris FC that just finished playing the French Cup last weekend, it has been 10 days since the official player. The team’s physical fitness.The advantage is stronger, coupled with the weak home record in Paris, this campaign does not have no chance to get points.

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