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China Cai World Cup Intelligence: Spain is difficult to win this game.

Wednesday 011 World Cup Spain VS Costa Rican 2022-11-24 00:00

After the golden period between 2008 and 2012, the Spanish team’s performance in recent years was unsatisfactory. The 2014 World Cup group was out. In the 2018 World Cup, the World Cup stopped 16. A group of players such as Tall and Ramos, Spain has opened the road of reconstruction in recent years. At present, the midfield is still the most powerful part of the Bull Fighting Corps. Besutz and Cock have rich experience in the competition. Young players such as Rodri, Pedric and Gavi are standing in their own clubs and passing control. The system is still the foundation of Spain. In contrast, the team’s front line and line of defense have a lot of hidden dangers. The strength of the offensive end of Morata, Salavia, and Ferland Torres cannot be with Bilia, Diego Costa, and Silva. Compared with the predecessor, the young Fiti and Pino have not fulfilled the potential in the past season. The defensive end Kavahar, Alba, and Astpiquita are all veterans over 30 years old. The ability is not as good as the peak. In the position of the central defender, Eric Garcia and Geitia Mongolia are not top -level, and La Port lacks a trustworthy partner. In the goalkeeper, the coach Erik abandoned the most experienced De Gea and chose Simon from Atletico Bilbao and Sanchez from Br -Saton. In the case of this World Cup, Germany, Costa Rica, and Japan, Spain wants to be in a certain difficulty.

Costa Rica’s road to this World Cup was three % off. The team’s 7 games before the team’s qualifiers won only one game, which was on the verge of time. However, after the second cycle began, Costa Rica achieved a wave of 6 wins and 1 draw. The qualifications of the playoffs defeated New Zealand with Campbell’s goal in the playoffs and boarded the last bus of the Qatar World Cup. Judging from the big list, the biggest player in Costa Rica is undoubtedly the goalkeeper Navas. On the whole, Costa Rica’s lineup has insufficient star flavors and aging age structure. It is obviously difficult to create the glorious glory of the 2014 World Cup in the quarterfinals. In the first game, it was against Spain. First strategy.

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