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China Cai World Cup intelligence: Japanese team defense must face great pressure

Wednesday 010 World Cup German VS Japan 2022-11-23 21:00

The German team’s performance in the last two intercontinental competitions has not been ideal. After the European Cup came out last year, Loew, who was in charge of the team’s handsome seal for many years, was exhausted in get out of class. It was impressed by people, and his tactical style was closer to Germany’s traditional play. After abandoning the Leew era’s pass control system, the German chariot has also been sharp in the past year. After the World Plumscene came out with a wave of 7 -game winning streak, the German team faced U.S. and England to achieve unbeaten achievements in Italy and England. From the perspective of the lineup, Neuer still reassured the city gate. The veteran who has already played the three World Cup is the Dinghai God needle in the backcourt. Experience, the young Mu Xia La, Adegemi, and Muko are waiting for the opportunity to perform. The Mesozoic Sae, Genabri, and Gretzka are in the golden period of career. In contrast, the team The biggest weakness is the line of defense. After the exit of Hummels, only Lulidig and Juller have experienced giants in the club in the current list of German teams. Top -level level.

The Qatar World Cup is the seventh consecutive time that the Japanese team has ranked among the World Cup finals. Thanks to the domestic good talent training system, the Japanese team has made their talents in recent years, and the lineup of the European Legion has continued to expand. The coach Sen Bao’s big list of this time, most of the players come from the European League, including Fu’an Jianyang, Sanzhan, Jiu Health British and Yuanjo Hang, which are effective in the five major leagues. Compared with the shortcomings of the Japanese team, the 34 -year -old Yoshida Ma and 36 -year -old Changyou Du still have no one in the line of defense. In the warm -up game, the coach Mori Mori retrace early in the morning. , , 滉 滉 滉 also highlights its distrust of several defender, especially in the match with Canada, the Japanese team exposed the weakness of the midfielder’s insufficient confrontation and the defense line. In the World Cup, the first battle faces stronger physical fitness, and there are many top German teams on the side. The defense of the Japanese team will undoubtedly face great pressure.

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