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China Cai World Cup intelligence: Canada is not a chance to get points

Wednesday 012 World Cup Belgium VS Canada 2022-11-24 03:00

Belgium won the third place in the last World Cup, tied the best results in the National Team World Cup, but with the old age of the Golden Generation, Belgium is currently in the period of new and old alternation. Veterans such as Debrune, Vitsel, Azar and Mertens are still indispensable characters in the team, and the younger generation has not yet showed enough ability to pick beams. As Lukaku’s injury in the club and the status of Azar have severely declined, the current Belgium midfielder only maintains a top -level level. Important initiation points, but once he is tightly defired by his opponent, Belgium’s offense may face difficulties. Last week’s warm-up match, Belgium lost to Egypt 1-2, Deblau’s inner midfielder was madly forced by the opponent, and once lost the ball right, it directly caused the ball. In contrast, Azar and Karasco on the side road failed to provide sufficient support for them. The young Tittte and Daba lack experience in the defensive end, allowing veteran Aldwrad Today, Belgium is obviously not as powerful as the card. In the first round of the group stage facing the North American New Canada, the European Red Devils are hard to speak.

Since obtaining the right to host the World Cup in 2026, the Canadian Football Association has taken this as an opportunity to vigorously develop football. The establishment of the talent training system and the good seedlings that absorb foreign immigrants have allowed Canada to grow quickly. After 36 years, they return to the World Cup In the stage, Afangsso Davis and Jonathan Dewei appeared in a star that played in the top of Europe. Although from the big list, most of the players in Canada come from the European second -class leagues and the US -VII. It was very mature. Last year’s World Cup qualifiers, Canada faced the unbeaten achievements of 2 wins and 2 draws in the face of Mexico and the United States. Last week’s warm -up match, Canada also reversed the Asian Haoqiang Japanese team when they lost the ball. The team’s team showed excellent physical fitness and good tactical literacy. In the World Cup, the World Cup faced Belgium, which was not as good as in the past, and Canada was not a chance to get points.

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