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Chielini: C Ronben won the Golden Globe Award for the 2018 Golden Globe, but was snatched by Real Madrid


Chielini shouted for Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus player Kielini said that Ronaldo did not win the Golden Globe Award in 2018 because his former team Real Madrid did not want him to get it.

In the 2019 Golden Globe Award, Ronaldo ranked third.Chielini believes that Ronaldo was able to win the 6th Golden Globe Award last year, but because of Real Madrid, he missed the award.

Chielini said: “Last year, Ronaldo was taken away. When Real Madrid decided to make him unable to win, it was really strange. I am a word, even if Modric is at the best moment in his career, he is worthy ofNot on the Golden Globe. “

“This is a signal of Real Madrid because they want to stop Ronaldo from winning the prize. Modric won the Champions League championship. According to this logic, Van Dak should also win the Golden Globe this year.Bazpepe, they play well in the World Cup. In contrast, Modric can not say award. “(Arthur)

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