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Chess World Cup (6) Zhang Dongyue: Argentina Japan ’s small victory France or Ping

The second round of the World Cup group stage is in full swing. The “Chess” World Cup continues to invite players to comment on the event. On November 27th, Beijing time, three European and South American trips to France, Belgium, and Argentina started the second round of journey. Essence Zhang Dongyue’s five -stage prevailing look at the 27th competition.

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00:00 on the 27th 00:00 France VS Denmark

27th at 03:00 Argentina vs Mexico

18:00 on the 27th, Japan vs Costa Rica

21:00 on the 27th, Belgium vs Morocco

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The following is Zhang Dongyue wrote:

French VS Danish

The French team won Australia in the first round and had grasped the initiative of qualifying. Although Danish has good strength, the first round facing Tunisia’s defensive counterattack tactics can still only gain a draw. Although the France’s strength is excellent in this game, the heavy artillery of Benzema has undoubtedly brought hidden dangers to the attack line. Essence This forecast is 1: 1 draw.

Argentine vs Mexico

The first round of the Argentine team burst into Saudi Arabia, making the outlook of qualifying. This round of opponents Mexico has a fast play, and the players have very delicate skills. The results of the first round and Polish tie will lead to stable defense in this round. And Argentina might as well put Di Maria to the bench first, and send Dibara to the position of the arrow of the front line. The little magic fairy’s ability in the midfield is top -level. For example, Messi still did not gain in the arrow position in the first half. Di Maria, who was full of blood, launched a final impact, which is expected to win the final victory. And if Mexico wants to get points in this round, Ochoa, the goal god, who comes out of Lavan’s penalty in the last round, is undoubtedly crucial. This is expected to be a hard -won victory in Argentina.

Japan vs Costa Rica

The Japanese team’s first round of Germany made the outlook for this group. The Costa Rica was sentenced to death after determining the group list, and the first round was slaughtered by the Spanish team. From the first round of status, Japan will easily gain victory, but given the tactics of the Japanese team’s defensive counterattack, as well as the habit of smoking Sanxian, Donano, Asano Takuya, etc. Ping, Japan ’s Sheng in the second half. And how Costa Rica scores goals, I am afraid that Campbell, who is famous 8 years ago.

Belgium vs Morocco

The first round of Belgium was the result of the victory in Canada, and Morocco tied the Croatia in a stuffy battle. Because the group has the strength of Belgium led by the Deblaine team, the older Croatia and other teams cannot threaten it. And Morocco’s star Ashlav is more to play the role of assaulters, and it will inevitably be taken care of in the midfield. In the last round of the test, the Moroccan defense line will be difficult to resist the powerful attack group of Belgium in this round. Optimistic about Belgium three goals.

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