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Chess World Cup (4) Tan Xiao: Brazil Portugal’s debut is expected to win

From November 24th to 25th, Beijing time, the Qatar World Cup group stage continues to play in multiple games. The two strong Brazil and Portugal will debut in the early morning of the 25th. The period was outspoken by the world champion Tan Xiao.

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At 18:00 on the 24th, Switzerland VS Cameroon

21:00 on the 24th, Uruguay vs South Korea

00:00 on the 25th, Portugal VS Ghana

03:00 on the 25th at 03:00 Brazil VS Serbia

On the 25th at 18:00 Wales vs Iran

21:00 on the 25th, Qatar vs Senegal

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Since the start of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, it has been unpopular, and the Asian team has made enough attention in this competition. Argentina lost 1 to 2 to Saudi Arabia, and Germany was also suppressed by Japan with the same score, predicting that the difficulty of future competitions became more and more difficult. Under such pressure, let’s see how the world champion Tan Xiao predicted tonight’s game?

The following is Tan Xiao wrote:

Swiss vs Cameroon

Compared with the lineup, I feel that Cameroon is slightly stronger than Switzerland. Cameroon’s front line was led by Bayern forward Shu Botitin, and he also cooperated with strong players such as Ekamby. The offensive strength was strong. Switzerland pays more attention to defense. It is estimated to be defensive counterattack. Switzerland belongs to the midstream level in Europe. Although the ranking is not low, it is not easy to qualify in Europe with a strong team. Cameroon was the former African champion. He entered the top 8 of the World Cup. The last time the Argentine group stage lost was given by the 1990 World Cup Bykha Malon. This game must be a wonderful confrontation between the spear and the shield, which is generally optimistic about Cameroon to achieve the victory of this field.

Uruguay vs South Korea

Uruguay is a traditional strong team in South America. It is first -rate control technology. Suarez and Cavani are the main strikers of the European giants. The comprehensive strength in South America is second only to Brazil and Argentina. The problem is that the current main players are aging, and the team such as the Korean team can also challenge them. In addition to Sun Xingzhang, who has no competition in the Premier League, in South Korea, in the face of strength, the game play will also focus on defensive counterattacks. Because there are Argentina and the front of Germany, Uruguay will definitely not be slightly enemy. Whether the defense line can concentrate on preventing the assault of fast horses such as Sun Xingyi and Huang Xican is the key to whether Uruguay can win in this game. I am generally optimistic about Uruguay to win a small victory.

Portuguese VS Ghana

The high probability of this cup is Cristiano Ronaldo’s last World Cup. Although it is expected to solve the contract with Manchester United, it is still unexpected. Maybe this can also stimulate him to prove himself in the last World Cup. The road of Ghana’s team is very thrilling, and his luck is really good, but it does not have the strength to compete with the major teams on the World Cup stage. As long as Portugal does not make mistakes, there is basically no suspense, so Portugal will achieve a large score in this game.

Brazil VS Serbia

As the biggest popularity of the World Cup, there is no need to say more about Brazil’s strength. The lineups of each line are luxurious. As long as the cards are not bad, it is normal to defeat any opponent. Serbia can press the Portuguese in the qualifiers, and the strength is also good. On the front line, there are Flahovich, Mitrovich (so many Go), etc. The command of Vich (and Go) is also likely to shock the Brazilian team. However, the comprehensive strength comparison is already obvious, so there is no problem with the victory of Brazil.

World Cup quarterly forecast

Brazil Germany, Argentine, England, Dutch, Spain, Belgium

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  1. The first game was wrong.

  2. Reply
    Eightwindsarenotmoving1969 11月 25, 2022 at 2:47 上午

    Go Go and Go, do n’t compose football like Nie Lao

  3. Portugal may get a point, Brazil is estimated to lose

  4. The last time the Argentine group stage lost was 2002

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