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Chess to World Cup (5) Guoyu Zheng: Will it still happen with weakness?

On November 25, Beijing time, the second round of the World Cup group stage is about to start. In the first round of the game, we saw the successful victory, the goal was numb, and we saw the weak victory and the counterattack! In short, it is fun.

After the first round of summary and reflection, the teams must have made adjustments. What wonderful stories will happen in the second round of the group stage? The “Chess” World Cup column launched by Sina Chess and Yi Xing invited the sixth section of the professional chess player Guoyu Zheng to analyze the four group stages we will do on the 26th of Beijing time to see how he predicts it. Intersection

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On the 25th at 18:00 Wales vs Iran

21:00 on the 25th, Qatar vs Senegal

00:00 on the 26th, Dutch VS Ecuador

26th at 03:00 England vs United States

26th at 18:00 Tunisia vs Australia

21:00 on the 26th Polish vs Saudi Arabia

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The following is the article of Guoyu Zheng:

Dutch VS Ecuador

The Netherlands has a super luxurious midfield lineup. Van Dark, Manchester City’s gate Ak, Bayern’s Deleht, and Barcelona’s Derong and other big -name stars have the defense and ball control capabilities in this World Cup. As the strength of the South American strong team, Ecuador’s strength is not allowed to be underestimated. Previously, in the America’s Cup, there was a good record that tied Brazil and Argentina. In the unveiling battle with the host Qatar, Valencia’s independent middle school led the team to easily defeat the opponent. In terms of paper strength, the Netherlands is slightly better, but the strength and tough style showed by Ecuador believes that it will cause trouble to the Netherlands. Overall prediction to the Netherlands Xiaosheng.

England vs United States

As an old team, England is the strongest existence in group B’s strength and competition experience in the competition strength. Kane’s status was stable. Although I did not score in the previous game, the ability and contributory of creating opportunities for teammates were top -level existence. Although the U.S. team has not lost England in the history of the World Cup, it was still in 2010. Facing the current powerful Three Lions, it is difficult for the US team to keep it. The problem of winning in England is not big!

Tunis VS Australia

The kangaroo legion is tall and good at playing high -air ball, but the ability to control the ball and the ground is really limited. France, which was injured in the first group stage, scored 1: 4, and it can also be seen that the strength gap between Australia and top teams. Tunisia has entered the World Cup for two consecutive times. Although there are not many star players, the overall strength is excellent. It is unexpected in the last game. The strength of the two teams is close, and according to the status and the momentum of the game, it is more optimistic about the victory of Tunisia.

Polish vs Saudi Arabia

Poland is second only to Argentina’s teams in group C. There are top front -level flags such as Levan on the front line, as well as stars such as Milik and Zelinsky. The offensive ability is very good. As an old Asian strong team, all players played for the national league. Although there were no star players, the victory was better than understanding and cooperating with each other. The absolute strength Poland is obviously better, but with the current momentum of Saudi Arabia, it is not easy for Poland to win easily. It is expected that Poland will win.

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