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Chengdu Rongcheng Team Foreign Aid Kim Lingyou: The South Korean team enters the top 16

Source: Football Newspaper

Reporter Lumi reported that he won 2-1 of Taishan, Shandong, and Chengdu Rongcheng defeated the leader team twice this season. Prior to this victory that boosted morale, in the recent two leagues, Chengdu Rongcheng played against the wind ball, and finally completed the extraordinaries or reversal. South Korean foreign aid Kim Kim Jongyou scored in these two games. Important role. It is worth mentioning that Jin Yiyou is the first foreign aid in Chengdu Rongcheng team to score this season. In the early July, he has scored his first goal of the Super League in the Cangzhou Lion.

升班马成都蓉城25轮拿到42分,排在第7位,金敃友为球队入球3个,对于球队与自己的中超初体验,他说,“满意”,但“未满足”,因为“ We can do better. “

Until the first round of the World Cup, six Asian teams have made five appearances. The last one who left is precisely the South Korean team of Jin Yiyou’s motherland. As a participant in the last World Cup, Jin Yiyou has many understanding of the World Cup and Asian football. He is optimistic about the Korean team to enter the top 16, and also hopes that his idol Messi can fulfill the dream of the World Cup champion.

◆ “Football”: Many foreign aids in the Chengdu team have played in the K League. Is there a lot of topics between you? Have you ever talked about the World Cup?

Jin Yanyou: We will guess who will win the World Cup this year. In the end, everyone did not discuss a relatively complete result. I prefer Messi, so in terms of personal emotions, I hope that Argentina can win the championship and Yuan Messi dream.

◆ What do you think of the Korean team in this World Cup?

As a Korean, I definitely support the Korean team. Compared with 4 years ago, our personnel have not changed greatly. In the past 4 years, everyone has been training and running together. I think this time the top 16 should not be a problem, I will cheer for our team.

◆ In the 2018 World Cup, you went to Russia. For players, what kind of experience is participating in the World Cup?

At first I was not on the 11 -player list of the game at the time. It was because I was injured at the same position as the players at the same time as me. The coach replaced me on the field. It was also the first time that I boarded the World Cup stage. Before that, I had no psychological preparation, so I was replaced, nervous, but more excited.

◆ The South Korean team defeated Germany in the last World Cup group stage. I do n’t know what scene you are after the game?

Before that game, it seemed that it was difficult to win Germany. As a result, we defeated Germany 2-0, and all the players who played on the court cried. I didn’t play on the court at the time, and I cried, and I saw many Korean compatriots on the stands crying. Although we did not enter the top 16 in the end, I felt that it was a moment for South Korea to win this game.

◆ That game is unforgettable for Korean football. This is also a model for Asian football, which is worth learning. What do you want to say about this?

For South Korea this year, the goal is to try to live in groups, and it is not to stand in a very high position. For example, the advantages of Japanese football and Chinese football, Korean football will also learn. I think the football strength of various Asian countries is similar. Football in different Asian countries has their own advantages and disadvantages. We need to learn from each other.

◆ “Football”: Rongcheng’s home game and Yatai game, you have scored the second goal of your league, and have been the first goal for a while, will you miss the feeling of scoring?

Jin Yiyou: After I scored the first goal in the Meizhou Division, I did not score until I played with Yatai’s home game. It was a long time. Indeed, I miss the feeling of scoring, and I want to prove my ability again by scoring. However, more importantly, during this time, what did I do for the team. If the team can win, everyone can sacrifice myself, because I have concentrated on this point, and we will usher in the back. Opportunity.

◆ The team’s last two games are unique, reversing and defeating Shenhua. You score continuously. Continuous goals are a deep memory and great help to you and the team, right?

Yes, these two goals, whether for our team or to me, personally feel that the meaning is very significant. Both games were equalized and reversed in the case of scoring. We did not give up when we were passive, and maintained the toughness of the team. Through these two goals, I scored four points, so I felt that the meaning was different, including my own self -confidence, showing the team’s competitive style, and let us see that in the future, we can do more for the game to do more effort.

◆ Regardless of the leading or backward, Chengdu Rongcheng this season has shown toughness in the game. How does this do this?

Our head coach Xu, instructed Xu, usually strictly requires our training requirements, and requires a very serious attitude to treat everyone. This is part of the reason we can show toughness on the court.

◆ When the team experiences adversity, how does players help and support each other?

I want to answer this question in three points. The first one is to be a football player or sports athletes. I definitely want to win or not. This is the most basic. I have also talked about the coach’s requirements for us. In daily training, we have adapted to high intensity, and naturally they will show it on the field. Third, although all players have advantages and disadvantages, the competition has a good kick and play well. There are times when there are bad times, but at any time we always encourage each other and give the other party more confidence. Because of the existence of these three points, we can bring you unexpected results on the court. Even if we are in adversity, we can get the results we want. ◆ Being able to overcome strong teams will also fight with similar teams. What is the positioning of the head coach and you to the team?

Since we rose from the second level league, this year is the first season of our Super League, and there is no experience as a whole. At the beginning, we were mainly relegation. With the league, the league points we got were slowly rising. I think when this season is over, we can see if we can approach the AFC Champions League.

◆ As a promotion horse, the team’s experience and the current ranking, do you think you are still satisfied?

Now we have got a lot of points, and the ranking is going up. I feel that through victory, especially the victory of difficulties, it can make us get more confidence. At the same time, our combat atmosphere is very good. satisfy. But I don’t think we are satisfied with this level. In fact, we can do better. I don’t know what the goal Xu is, but I take the AFC Champions League as my goal myself.

◆ “Football”: You are the first foreign aid in Chengdu Rongcheng this season. Based on the situation of the team at the time, have you ever thought about this goal on the team’s overall impact?

Jin Yiyou: I was the first foreign aid in our team, but I didn’t know it at the time. In retrospect, it was a pity that the game was a pity. After all, there was a chance to win, so although there were still some regrets at the time.

◆ This season, your task is relatively heavy. At first, you focus on attack. Recently, you often see you rushing to the backcourt to make up for defense. Is it the request made by the head coach?

I have played a lot of positions, I can attack or defend. I also needed to attack and defensive in other teams before. This is the guidance of Xu. I think because of this that he chose to introduce me and give me these tasks.

◆ In the game, when you were injured in the game, when the second game continued, the eyes were bruised and swollen. How did you stick to it?

I don’t think it is a particularly serious injury. I have suffered more serious injuries than this before, but I still insist on kicking the game. I don’t think this is a reason for the break, which is the reason.

◆ Does it mean that you are an indispensable one in the team system?

You watched so many games, I would like to ask your opinions.

◆ I think you are the important leader of the team’s offensive rhythm and at the same time, with both defense capabilities. This is important.

You gave me a high evaluation, I am very happy. This question made me say that I was still shy. I am just a player. In the game, I just do my own internal affairs and obey the requirements of Xu, especially the location and technical and tactical requirements to complete the task.

◆ Do you feel happy to play and live in Chengdu? What is the adaptation for more than half a year?

Overall, I am very happy. The atmosphere in the team is very good. My teammates help me adapt to my life here as soon as possible. We have not only have a good relationship in training, but also help each other in life and competitions. Because of them, I can quickly adapt to the training and life here.

◆ You come to Chengdu Rongcheng, should you be unable to bid with the coaching of Xu Zhengyuan?

He had a long -term cooperation with Xu Zhengyuan, and he trusted me very much. I think this is a better opportunity in my football career. I am very grateful to the idea of ​​instructing me to invite me, and I have been holding the idea of ​​helping the team and helping Xu.

◆ Because of the invitation of Xu, do you come, do you want to use his own efforts to help his coaching career in Chengdu add a strong stroke?

In the game, I just want to fight for the team, and I am on the game. I want to do it on the field and how to make the right choice. However, I may think about this problem at other times. Of course, I also want to add some colors for his coaching here.

◆ After a long season of wandering, I returned to Chengdu to play home games not long ago. Although there are no fans, what kind of mood is you hearing the fans outside the field?

Due to special reasons this year, there are no audiences in many cities. Fans are part of them. Fans are part of them. They cannot enter the field. I don’t think it ’s just for them. It is a pity to players. Recently at home in Chengdu, for the first time in my career, I felt that fans couldn’t watch the ball at the scene to cheer out the team outside the field. 90 minutes, especially when we hear fans’ shouts when it was difficult, we will also do my best for these voices. I think their enthusiasm is a driving force for our good game. I look forward to the day when they really meet them.

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